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内容摘要:When did China get their independence from Japan (what year)?中国是哪一年从日本侵略中获得独立的?Answer WikiThere has been a history of war between China and ...

When did China get their independence from Japan (what year)?
中国是哪一年从日本侵略中获得独立的?Answer Wiki
There has been a history of war between China and Japan, and Japan has established multiple puppet regimes in China. However, Japan and their puppet regime did not control China's entire territory until the end of World War II. The ROC government, which represents China's orthodox regime, persisted in Japan’s surrender. Therefore, China has always been independent and has not been completely ruled by Japan.中国与日本历史上曾发生过战争,而且日本已经在中国建立起了几个傀儡政权。然而,日本和他的傀儡政府直到二战结束也没有控制得了中国的全部领土。代表着中国正统的中华民国政府坚持到了日本投降。因此,中国一直都是独立的,并没有被日本完全统治。

Rachmaninov Piazzolla, former Financial Market Strategist, CMT, CFA · Answered Mar 25, 2018 · 6.4k Views
China, independence from Japan?? Sorry, bud, which history book have you been reading?

China has a history that dates back about 3000 years before Japan’s. The current Japanese language and culture (as are Korean) are essentially offshoots of the ancient Chinese culture, particularly around 7th-8th centuries Tang Dynasty, when Japan sent hundreds of student scholars to China to learn/absorb the Chinese culture. (Japanese personal and city names are still written in Chinese characters, although there have been on-and-off nationalistic movements to change that.)

China has never been under Japanese ruling. The closest it got was during WWII, when the Japanese invasion controled roughly 1/5 of China by area. Unfortunately, the then-capital Nanking was also captured and estimated 300,000 people were massacred. The war ended in 1945, when Japan fully retreated.

No one would say France or Belgium had to claim independence from Germany after WWII even though they had surrendered to Germany during the invasion. Never mind that, through the war, China had never surrendered to Japan. Just like no one would wonder when Russia got their independence from Germany post WWII. (As an aside, check out history websites on the atrocious human toll Russia suffered from the Germans, the worst of any country during the war. Appalling.)中国历史可以追溯到日本历史的三千年前。目前日本的语言和文化(韩国也是)本质上是中国古代文化的分支,尤其是在七八世纪唐代,日本派出数百名学生到中国学习吸收中国文化。(尽管日本存在民族主义运动想去废除汉字日本的个人和城市的名字仍然用汉字书写。)中国从未日本统治最接近统治的是二战期间,日本侵华时控制大约1/5的中国的地区。不幸的是,当时的首都南京也被攻占而且大约300000人被屠杀。直到日本完全撤退1945年,战争才结束没有人会说法国或比利时在二战后不得不德国宣布独立,即使他们在入侵期间向德国投降。中国就更没问题了,贯穿整个战争,中国从来没有向日本投降。就像没有人去怀疑俄罗斯什么时候从二战后的德国获得独立一样。(顺便说一句,看看历史网站上俄罗斯遭受到的可怕伤亡,这是战争期间所有国家中最糟糕的骇人听闻的伤亡
Frinkles Kai, Cultural Consultant (2016-present) · Lives in Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan · Answered Mar 25, 2018 · 400 Views
China was never colonised by Japan or any other colonial empire. On the contrary many countries today gained their independence FROM China in 20th century (Like Mongolia and Korea). And if you go back far enough the list includes Vietnam, Russia, the whole of Central Asia, India, Iran, Iraq, etc. Chinese consider Genghis Khan to be "Chinese" or 中国人. This particular subject is uhmm not universally accepted to say the least.

China itself was never ever colonized by either european powers or Japan. (Thanks in part to the intervention of the U.S.A. during the Boxer rebellion.)

If you wanna know when the japanese occupation of parts of China ended, its the same year as the end of world war 2. 1945.
Source: Wikipedia, 4 Years living in China, and many history books.
Ranen Po, Interested in geopolitics · Updated Mar 13, 2018 · 2.2k Views
What sort of nonsense question is this?

China was never a vassal of Japan, period.

If you are referring to the Japanese invasion of China in the 1930s and 40s, then Japan only occupied the Eastern seaboard. There were plenty of areas in China, such as the central and western regions, which were never occupied. And both the Nationalists and Communists never surrendered to the Japanese army.这是什么愚蠢的问题?中国从来都不是日本的附庸如果你指的是在上世纪30年代和40年代,日本侵略中国当时的日本只占领东海岸,在中国很多地区,如中部和西部地区,是从来没有被占领过的。民族主义者和共产主义者都没有向日军投降。

Ahmad Hassan, former Workers at St Pubis Company (1999-2012) · Answered Mar 10, 2018 · 408 Views
China never annexed by Japanese they only attack a few land and puppeted Manchuria中国从来没有被日本吞并过,他们只是入侵了一些土地并把满洲傀儡化。

Hank Cohen, lives in Japan (1989-present) · Answered Mar 10, 2018 · 254 Views
China was never dependent on Japan. Try reading a book.中国从来没有依附过日本。多读点书

Sean Ryan Hicks, N/A World Wars & Politics, Sutton Public School (2024) · Answered Mar 10, 2018 · 69 Views
They never got taken over by them they just invaded.他们(中国)从来没有被他们(日本)占领,他们(日本)只是入侵





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